About Us

About Assessment Advisors 

Assessment Advisors is a boutique property tax consulting company in The Woodlands, Texas. We work with local, regional and national businesses needing professional representation throughout the property tax appeal process, to ensure maximum potential tax savings are secured.

Our team chooses property tax consulting as a career, not just a job. We care about our clients and the industry and are current and knowledgeable about the laws and trends. We are like minded with your goals, and we have a commitment to provide excellent customer service while delivering results you can see.

Our Mission To You

We seek to be recognized as a key partner to owners of commercial real estate by providing unparalleled results and customer service second to none–leaving no rock unturned through the tax appeal process.

The Assessment Advisors Difference 

Our professional, hands-on approach can give you peace of mind knowing your property taxes are being handled in both an accurate and efficient way. We care about helping your business grow, which is achieved by lowering tax costs and freeing up staff members’ time. We act as the out-sourced equivalent of an in-house property tax department that is frequently chosen as the preferred service provider to appeal entire corporate real estate portfolios.

We work with someone you know! View our success stories to find out more.

  • Specialization

Assessment Advisors is a boutique company, which means we can offer more personalization. We form a relationship of trust, dependability, and longevity with our clients. The agent assigned to your account will be your point of contact throughout the entire project–you always know who to call and will never be directed to an unknown voicemail. You will get a representative who has extensive knowledge and background in dealing with your specific situation.

  • Local Knowledge

If you’re looking for representation in the Houston and Montgomery County areas, Assessment Advisors are specialists. Our team lives and works in the local area, which means we know this market the best! We are intimately familiar with area tax laws and valuation methodologies, allowing our property tax consultants to maintain a local knowledge and a national reputation for excellence.

  • Experience 

Don’t you want an experienced professional working on your commercial property tax appeals? With over seventy years of collective experience, Assessment Advisors has worked with many different situations and most likely has previously encountered your property issues. That means we can deliver fast services with proven results.

About Our President

Mike Eckhoff, President and Owner of Assessment Advisors, has 25 years of property tax appraisal and consulting experience with several national firms before starting his own property tax company in 2004. Since developing Assessment Advisors, Mike has grown the business into a portfolio of commercial properties throughout the United States. His responsibilities include working closely and spending adequate time with local, regional and nationally recognized businesses to get lower property taxes and produce successful results.

Portfolio clients include restaurant chains like Taco Cabana and Jack In The Box, storage centers like Amazing Spaces, and retail stores like Bass Pro Shop. Mike has assisted these businesses–and many like them–by providing consulting, management, litigation, and tax reduction services across the nation.

The combined efforts, market knowledge, and experience of Mike and the team he has built at Assessment Advisors gives you a complete solution for commercial property tax services. Professional work and building client relationships are how Mike and his colleagues deliver consistent results and continued success.

Our Services

Whether your property is a large metropolitan office tower or a small rural warehouse, we dedicate the full resources of Assessment Advisors to lower property taxes on your properties. We conduct a full due diligence of the property, review the appraisal records for errors and perform a thorough in-house valuation analysis. Then we aggressively defend our findings against the county’s appraisal. This is a time-consuming process, however, Assessment Advisors will take care of the hassle for you! With our expert staff by your side, rest assured every detail will be thoroughly handled in a professional way.


Assessment Advisors Can Help

Need a professional to handle your commercial property tax appeals? Contact us today–we have an experienced team of experts who are knowledgeable in the industry, process, and legal aspects involved.