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Property Tax Appeal Services

Have your property taxes increased? Assessment Advisors can help you process a property tax appeal. The required steps can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why using an expert commercial property tax consultant is essential. In addition, there are strict deadlines and legal knowledge required to process an appeal.

On an annual basis, you should have an evaluation done on all of your assessments to determine if a property has been over-assessed, which results in excessive taxation. Local property tax is the only tax subject to opinions and negotiations and therefore, having a knowledgeable, aggressive consultant by your side can greatly impact your bottom line and profitability.

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The Appeal Process

Assessment Advisors takes the following steps to ensure you have the lowest defensible tax liability for your commercial real estate property.

  • Visit with the property owner to ensure an accurate understanding of the subject property’s physical characteristics and potential issues impacting valuation.
  • Review appraisal records for inaccuracies which lead to incorrect assessment.
  • Determination of value utilizing analysis of income, cost and sales comparables.
  • Determination of fair and equitable value, where applicable.
  • Timely file protest with assessing authorities.
  • Present our findings to assessor’s office at informal valuation negotiations.
  • As needed, present our analysis of value to Assessment Appeals Board.

At the completion of an administrative appeal, we will discuss final valuation with you to determine if the pursuit of additional litigation is warranted and/or feasible.

Assessment Advisors Can Help

Need a professional to handle your commercial property tax appeals? Contact us today–we have an experienced team of professionals who are knowledgeable in the industry, process, and legal aspects involved.